How can something so beautiful be so unreal;
However beautiful a rose is when you touch it, the thorns will prick
However much you try to tame a lion, the wildness in it will never leave
A flower: as mellow, as stunning as radiant as it is will eventually wither and die,
The sun: as bright, as shinning, as warm as it is will eventually be overcome by darkness,
A baby: as sweet, as cute, as innocent as it is will grow into a moody arrogant teenager.
The idea of perfection is exactly that- an idea. However much we want to believe it exists;
. . . it just might not.


6 thoughts on “PERFECTION-An Idea

  1. as mellow, stunning and radiant as you have always been, try not to die on me deary 🙂 the mind is the space between spaces, the very inception of fantasy and bedrock of reality, ideas r kul but nt as a kul as the minds that thought em up.

  2. touching and valuable words can i plagurize this..the idea of perfection isjust that an idea and all of try as we may cant achieve it…absolutley wonderful really like this one…couldnt have been put in better words.

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