people ‘theory’

In this world there are basically two categories of people (you have probably read a lot of this categorizations but trust me this is different because I thought it 🙂 🙂 ) . They are (drumroll) category X People who are afraid to face challenges because they might not make it or it might be too tasking or they’ve never done it before and they are afraid to fail. Take this illustration:- Jane* a civil servant is supposed to go up a slope (hill or mountain) she feels she can’t climb the mountain since she has never done it before and the mountain maybe is one of the highest in her region. Moreover, Jane knows she is not an expert mountain climber and chances are she will never make it to the peak. Taking all this considerations about Jane including sanity and normality she can be considered as an Xer! The second categorization is category Y. These are people who will hesitate to take a challenge since they feel they might loose themselves in it never to be ‘them’ again. They might get so engraved in a task to the risk of turning into an obsession (in mind comes crazy scientists who think they are God). Take this illustration Mark* a musician who is supposed to race down hill, he fears that if he runs down at his fastest speed he might topple over and end up in a continuous roll out of control. Simply, he is afraid he might loose control over the task at hand while a category Xer is afraid they may never conquer their task.
So the old-time question: where do you lie? Are you afraid to face up because you might loose yourself(like celebrities in drugs and alcohol) or because you might never be a bigshot no matter how hard you try?


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