The more I think.

The more I think of what it’s supposed to be
The lesser the sense it makes
I have tried to put two plus two together
But the nature of its ambiguity- too much
This is too deconstructive, too abstract, too gestalt
It just happened

It’s just like I blinked my eye or just dazed for a moment
And the whole moment passed by
I know not what it is, where it came from
This is crazy, I mean, how can it
Just happen

I’ve sought for counsel from the wise, rich, famous
From religion, science, the lunatics
No one has a clue of what why or even how
What am I supposed to do?
I’m only me I mean
Not the brightest, luckiest, wisest, prettiest, coolest;
Honestly I wouldn’t choose me if I were to be asked
… What am I to do?
It has happened.


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