one shot

If you had one shot…
One shot to make all the wrongs right,
One shot to rewind and undo all the mistakes,
One shot to do it all over again,
One shot to kiss the right girl,
One shot to open the right door,
One shot to take the right path,
One shot to make the correct choice,
One shot to undo all the tears and the pain,
One shot to say “SORRY, I was wrong Forgive me”
One shot where everything and I mean everything went according to your plan,
Would you blow it?
Would you waste the only shot?
Would you be brave enough to take it?


12 thoughts on “one shot

  1. I’m glad n it ws totally worth the evrytin single momnt i share wit her..p.s. Took my shot n i reveald my inner me to her she knws me mo thn i knw myslf hehe.. Neva thot being in lv could always leave me in such a high evry single momnt am wit her..p.s (fulstop sme as the folder:-) 😉 )

  2. It should m confesin so many tings to the world..she’s the best n m the lucky one to hv found such a beautiful dimepiece hehe she mkes evryday worth it..p.s she’s more thn worth it n i thnk God evryday cz m able to see her smile.. Hw was ur shot worth it..

  3. i let my guard down and choose to trust someone hope I won’t regret it, and I pray it was worth the shot,

  4. You can trust him, he only has you in his sight and is in love with you to the point which he’d do anything for you p.s thanx for trusting me couldn’t ask for anything else.

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