Why do, Why did, Why are

Sometimes I sit and wonder,
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why do saints die?
Why do young innocent kids have to starve; even to death?
Why does winter come and all the beautiful flowers die?
Why are some people born deaf, dumb, crippled, blind, retarded?

Why do citizens elect corrupt, tribal, self – absorbed people into positions of power?
Why do irresponsible parents give birth to beautiful kids who they don’t care about?
Why do some people think they are more special than others while no one can escape death?
Why did the thought ‘terrorism’ even cross someone’s mind?
Why do innocent people go to prison?

Why do good women end up married to jerks?
Why is money never enough?
Why are some people trapped in the opposite sex’ body?
Why is life such a vicious cycle?
Why do famous people suddenly become perfect and innocent after their death?
Why are some people born rich? (Unfair uh,?)
Why are we always told we are equal? (Clearly we are not)
Why does beauty fade away?
Why does beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder?
Why do people believe in love?
Why do I even wonder anyway,
I may never get any answers.


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