I’m so afraid;
I don’t know what to do if,
Funny, I never get past the thought of it,
if the fear is confirmed;
I don’t know where to start if it is;
Should I elope?
Should I do the unthinkable? ‘though I’ve thought of it’
Should ‘it’ change my life forever?
Maybe I should just take responsibility.
The more I think of it the more I see it as
someone’s else fault,
Anyway, it doesn’t really matter whose fault it is
I alone will bear the consequence;
The consequence of ‘love’, of ‘trust’ or if
I decided to think of it that way of ‘betrayal’

In a few I will know my fate;
It will change everything about everything.
In every essence I can think of,
Everything is not gonna be okay!
All I can feel is despise, anger – hate, maybe.
But feelings cannot change reality;
at least not in this scene in my play of life.


2 thoughts on “‘it’

  1. Though the consequences may make the future appear dim dont let them ruin wat u hv..u neva know maybe it might turn out to smetin u dint xpect n u’l b happier n wiser..p.s dnt doubt luv its a beautiful ting n makes evry single day tht mo enjoyable..i mean m livin proof of it :-).

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