I will finally go to sleep.

So proud you’ve become;
To think you were once humble and in love,
The days when our side of the grass was greener,
when you only endowed me with your kisses,
when you only sang to me sweet ol’ melodies,
I was the queen,
you were almost blind to the rest:

So cold you’ve become;
you never say sorry when you should,
you no longer hold the door for your lady,
you never steal a glance and admire,
you don’t even look at me when I’m in the room,
you never even reassure me like you always did;
telling me ‘everything’s gonna be okay ‘

At least you’re not like the rest –
you still keep the flame burning;
even if it’s for your own selfish sake.
All that keeps me going is hope that,
I will finally go to sleep.


2 thoughts on “I will finally go to sleep.

  1. cnt wait 4 the nxt instalment..the post is lvly in its writin n the emotion plus the depth of observation in it..hats off 4 the dvlpmnt..

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