Little Annah

Little Annah walks to the shop as usual;
Some coins to buy some candy and a big smile on her face;
She says Hi to Mr. Otem the gateman as usual,
She says Hi to Tommy the gardener as usual,
She waves at Miss Molly, the salon lady as usual,
With not a care in the world she skips to the her favorite tune
‘skip-to-my-loe’ as she runs along;
She doesn’t know what’s waiting for her a few miles away.

Joe, the drunk and psychologically unbalanced truck driver is carelessly speeding
As usual,
His eyes fixated: ogling at the cheap whore he picked
Back at the even cheaper motel;
The truck booming of loud rock music;
He smokes with one hand, drives with the other;
One eye on her, one eye on the road;
He doesn’t give a damn.

She doesn’t turn twice to look at the road,
Innocently skipping to the tune,
His eyes are not on the road neither are his mind or hands on the wheel;
Bang! Boom! She takes her last breath;
All the purity, innocence and radiance gone never to be seen again.
Little Annah, never to open her eyes again.


4 thoughts on “Little Annah

  1. It brings a tear to my to read this post..its so sad when a young ones flame is put out due to carelesnes n ignorance of afw members of society..great piece..

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