Look at what he’s making me do;
making me wake up earlier in the morning;
to at least style up my hair,put on a little make up,
wear my little pretty dresses all perfumed up;
He makes me look insane,
smiling and giggling when I’m all alone;
I’m thinking of him when I’m not trying to think of him;
I still can’t believe I met him
cool it was.

Sometimes I really don’t wanna know him well;
My thrill for him will dwindle;
I want it burning, burning as intensely as it is now,
I want to have this feeling forever ;
The thought I didn’t know him a few hours ago,
The thought I spent hours with him;
He makes everyone feel so special,
He makes me feel special;
Enchantment,my fantasy –
I want it to last forever


2 thoughts on “Enchantment

  1. I’m impresd jst wat i’d lyk to hear frm her..my heart jst skips a beat frm it..p.s i got u impersonator n i’m realy impresd..m sure he aprecia8s evrytin n if not i bow down to ur eforts..

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