the heart is not so smart

It has come to this;
It can never changed,
I may try to rationalize or
even try to analyze it ,
carefully bit by bit, scrutinize every fact
But that doesn’t change the ugly realty
the heart is not so smart.

One of our very valued asset;
we must protect it at all costs and with our all (if we love ourselves that is ),
Small, Mighty and Fragile!!!
small enough to be the size of our palm,
mighty enough to keep us alive,
strong enough to dictate our every decision, our every feeling;
But so fragile to be shuttered into pieces in a moment.

Reality is a sucker, we cannot protect the heart:-(
We will love the wrong people,
we will catch inappropriate emotions,
The heart will love easily and trust quickly,
At the end of the day it will have its own way:
and when its weiry it will seize to exist and we shall be no more.


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