I’m Confused

I’m confused; not a new word,
A coin has two sides:
It’s either the light or the darkness;
Our eyes are either opened or closed;
Like a coin its either heads or tails – never both.
Like the light it’s either there or not;
in its absentia darkness dominates.
Our eyes either opened – windows to our souls- or closed.

Despite the clarity of these specific extreems; I am still confused. . .
Opposites of each other, each uniquely, exquisitely lovely on their own;
One is great for the future of the other.

I’m confused. Now for the first time I am not sure!
I am not sure which path I should take:
The present or the future,
The head or the tail,
The light or the darkness,
The closed or the open,
Each path with its own extra-ordinary destiny ahead.
-I’m Confused-


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