Fear the most varying concept in our lives.
A variable that will make us, greater beyond our wildest fantasies;
A variable that can be our greatest inhibitor blocking even our simplest wants,
our casual daydreams, our wished realities…
Fear lingers deep down our consciousness,
haunting our every move, our every thought, our every action.
Fear makes us second guess our every choice;
Fear makes us not to trust completely or love fully;
Fear stands firm and strong, in every situation we fall.
Fear is the feeling that surrounds our emptiness and bluntness;
Fear is that blink, that squint, that shutter, when reality is staring at us;
Fear keeps us sane.
It protects us from our worst,
It is our unseen, unapproved, unwanted protector of getting hurt.
It all depends on how you view the variable;
So are you fearless?
Think again. . .


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