I can’t quite remember the month but I guess it was August 2011. I enjoyed a great trip to a recently popular ‘get away’town in Kenya about an hour away from Nairobi. This trip definitely falls in my budget category because it was ‘out-blown’ funded by a very dear relative with the company of other very fun relatives…in brief it was a family affair. The events that transpired on the 2 days 1 night trip are memoirs forever with me…beleive me. Nevertheless, I got the chance to visit the town, various campsites (before deciding to sleep at the Fishermans Camp) and The Hells Gate National park . Basically thanks to a Greatly God-given family this trip budget was KSH.0 /USD.0 for me. However this trip approximately totaled to KSH 2000 or USD 24 for food and accommodation of each person.
Naivasha is a small relaxed town with a lot of activity for a weekend get away. I found it quite enjoyable especially because I had great company. The fishermans camp has a swimming pool, a wonderful nightlife and good food.. A recommendation though would be an early arrival on a Saturday morning, a tour of the town and campsites before settling on one, enjoying the night at the camp then heading to the national park on the Sunday morning before heading back home!!!! oh, also it would be best to shop for drinks and other refreshments/necessities from naivasha town…

—-A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” — Tim Cahill—


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