maasai mara, kenya

This has been one of my best trips ever I have to say, the sheer anticipation before the trip and the whole experience was totally all I expected and more. The trip to maasai mara was a 4 day 3 nights stay. It was a college organized student trip therefore quite pocket friendly. The first day was spent travelling from Nairobi to the Rift valley province in Kenya. The route is quiet interesting with a lot if sceneries to enjoy. We enjoyed the spectacular view of the rift valley and also stopped over at the smallest and among the oldest catholic churches in Kenya. The church has a seating capacity of 16 people! We then stopped over at Narok town for shopping (from water, groceries, refreshments etc). The town is small with nothing much to offer however there are supermarkets where you can buy what you need. Maasai Mara is around 5 hours from Nairobi the road from Nairobi to Narok is good however, from Narok to Maasai Mara be ready for a rough ride. We arrived at our campsite called Big time in the late evening and settled to our camp shelters.

Day 1
The following day early morning after breakfast we headed to the game reserve for our first tour and spent the whole day game watching we then retired to the camp site n enjoyed a wonderful night of bonfire and games.

This day was spent on planned trips to famous hotels at Maasai Mara which include Sarova Mara, Keekorok , Base camp (this an eco-friendly camp where President Barack Obama slept on his visit to Kenya)- at least we had a glimpse of the big life. The chef at Base Camp was also quiet friendly and accepted to share a delicious cheese cake which he was preparing.

friends and i at keekorok

The last day of tripping was visiting a different side of the game reserve we visited the mara river on Kenya_-Tanzania border where the migration of the wilder beasts occur annually a phenomena listed as a wonder of the world. We enjoyed a scenery of crocodiles and hippos in their natural element and also had a wonderful picnic lunch at a designated area in the reserve. We also had a chance to shop for jewelry and other artifacts hand-made by the maasai women. Back at the camp we had the last night of bonfire before heading back to Nairobi the following day.

This ‘crush trip’ budget trip totaled to KSH.3700 including food, transport, accommodation and park entry fees. What made this a’ to die for’ offer is that apart from being a school trip meaning we got the bus for free (one of the cheapest way to travel) is that the camp accepted an arrangement where we shopped for all our food stuff and their trained staff prepared the meals – breakfast, lunch and supper. The camp for a night per bed was KSH.700 so for three nights 700*3. The camp was nice with hot water in the early mornings, bathroom and toilet inside most of the shelters and electricity. At night we could hear the hyenas laughing which made me realize I was out in the wild!!!!
A recommendation when planning a trip to The Maasai Mara would be to travel as group – the more the merrier and preferably have it arranged by a tour company. A car is a must to tour the reserve and also logistics are quite hard to plan without contacts since this is a remote area.

—“Kilometers are shorter than miles. Save gas, take your next trip in kilometers.” George Carlin—


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