I have to say this was a purely adventure seeking trip. Machakos is a relatively small town in Eastern Kenya with few tourist attract-ability. This adventure was inspired by my aunts employee who explained to us a very peculiar place not so far from Machakos which we called ‘zero gravity’. Allegedly, he claimed that at this particular point which was on a slope water would flow up the hill and you would actually have to accelerate your car to go down hill.
This story rather grabbed my aunts attention and one of the lucky invitees to her adventure happened to be me among other five or so people who also wanted to visit the place. We planned for a one night stay at the place since it was also our first time to visit the town so that we could also have a tour of the place. We departed from Nairobi and headed to Machakos about one and a half hours away by road. We headed straight to ‘zero gravity’ which was about 30 minutes away. Surprisingly, we also found a few other curiosities like us. We were well equipped with a bottle of water to try out the ‘up hill flowing water’. What i can actually confirm with my own two eyes is that the water actually did flow uphill. The place was actually in the middle of a well tarmacked uphill road. My aunt also tried to not accelerate the car while driving uphill but she wasn’t very sure of what had happened. We also tried to pour water on other places along the slope but the water flowed downhill. Maybe it was the rocks underneath that had a high affinity to water i told myself…

‘zero gravity?’

We later headed to the town and booked our rooms which were reasonably price around ksh.1500 for a double room (usd 18) and went for supper as we enjoyed our night at a famous machakos joint which was after rather a search. The next day we work up had a tour to the market which had very nice wood carvings and sculptures and also toured the town before having lunch and heading back home.
This trip actually cost me almost nothing since again it was courtesy of my loving family which i appreciate every day. However on a budget traveler for a night at Machakos plus meals and transport from Nairobi it would probably cost Ksh. 2500 around Usd.30

“Invitations to travel are like dancing lessons from God”. -Kurt Vonnegut

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
Saint Augustine


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