olpejeta – nanyuki,kenya.

I recently discovered a hidden treasure in Kenya. A beautiful place that awed me with its beauty and service. The place is Olpejeta Conservancy. It is located in a town in Kenya called Nanyuki. Nanyuki is a market town in central-east Rift Valley region of Kenya, it is around 200 km away from Nairobi. I can assure you that the 200km will be totally worth it!. I got to experience this adventure with my family (i’m a lucky girl), yes this was a family trip so I din’t travel budget :). We arrived at Nanyuki at around 5 pm on a Friday evening, we had made prior reservations with . We had a booked a 2 bedroom cottage plus breakfast (which was quite a delight i must say) for a night for about Ksh.9,600 or $USD115. After we checked in we went to tour the town, there was nothing much to do so we headed to have dinner at a referred nyama choma (roasted beef) spot in Nanyuki before heading back to the hotel and called it a night for an early morning the following day at Olpejeta.

Day 2
We had an early breakfast at around 7 am and left for Olpejeta. There was a park entrance fee and an option to buy a park map, pay for a tour guide or just go for a ride without a guide or map. We choose to pay for the guide for convenience plus we had room in our car.(All the fees can be checked from their website for current prices). Just after entering the conservancy the first animals we spotted was a pack of lions… you can imagine our excitement not even 10 minutes in the park and we spot Lions, it was a wonderful scene, we then headed to the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and learnt a lot about the rescued chimps. We also took a tour around the sanctuary where we meet the intelligent animals each with its name and with their families. We got a guide at the sanctuary who was well-informed and gave as a fun tour. We then went around the conservancy and got to see zebras, giraffes, an elephant was actually on our path but as we realized we were on its path since we ended up reversing our car and giving it way – mwenye nguvu mpishe (a swahili saying meaning the mighty one gets his way). We were an arm stretch away from warthogs, we saw buffaloes and impalas. Later we headed to their endangered species area where we meet the northern white rhino which are only 7 left in the world. We meet a blind rhino called baraka, very friendly you get to touch and feed her- imagine!!!So yes Olpejeta is amazing and their rescue work is wonderful, I wish i could help.That is not all, at around 3pm we headed to view the hippos then to finish the tour for a drink. As we were headed to the Sweetwaters tented Camp for a drink we got to actually experience a real on-time lioness attempting to catch some dinner too. Although it was not successful after several attempts and over an hour of patience and stealth it was a remarkable adventure, the adrenaline i experiences and the memory will forever be with me. We enjoyed a drink at sweetwaters and a view of the camps which although high-end were very beautiful and luxurious.We then embarked on our journey back not home but to our second stop over in a serene, the most beautiful, pure and breathtaking taking place I’ve ever been in my life so far… but then again that’s a story for another day.

So if you plan to visit Olpejeta soon, it will roughly cost you for a night at Sportsmans arms plus breakfast, dinner, tour of Ole Pejeta and transport to and fro in a self- driven car if you are 4 people and split the cost four ways Ksh. 5000 or USD.60

Travel Tips

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not –Ralph Waldo Emerso


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