How do I define it?

It’s a rare feeling,

known by very few,

experienced by even fewer,

not being necessarily content but learning to truly appreciate what one has at that precise moment,

not for a day, not for a week, not for a couple of years but tirelessly, continuously and at every moment.

happiness - make your own journy

The golden sun rays

 in the mornings,

The hairdresser who just made our hair perfectly or even better

The nuns and monks locked up somewhere praying for all

The next breathe you take; keeping you alive

The noisy alarm clock waking you up keeping all your days events in check

What truly is happiness??

true love?

true success?

Real diamonds?

Real prestige?

Happiness means different things to all of us and comes from very different things

A compliment, a kiss, a house, acceptance, wealth, health. . . or just a smile 🙂


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