A day in Berlin

This is one of those trips that I will never forget about – hopefully.It has its goods and bads almost in equal measure, today I remember its goods 🙂

Berlin Trip 01. May 2015 – 03. May. 2015

I woke up at 5.20 am in the morning in a panic. My friend and I were supposed to pick the trip bus to Berlin at 5.30 am this was  around a 20 minutes walk from where my friend lived and where I spent the night. I had traveled to the town – Lund , the previous day. My friend lets call him Sam had given me a wonderful tour of the place and then we went back to his place for food. It was 30th April and Walpugis night so there was big celebrations downtown which Sam and I decided to join and that’s the beginning on the story of how we missed the bus! Missing the bus costed us time, money and a smooth stress-free bus ride but we made it. We first checked for last minutes plane tickets before we settled for the more affordable option of taking the train through Denmark.

01. May

I spent most of the day on the train going from Copenhagen through Odens and Flensburg. The rail passed through some beautiful landscapes, thankfully. I had late lunch in Hamburg where I would connect my last train to Berlin.When I got to my hostel in Berlin I was super tired. Sam and I went out for a drink, tried to queue at a kebab truck outside the hostel which had an insane queue (but gave up). I was asleep by around 11pm.

02. May

I woke early had breakfast at the hostel and joined the group (the people we were supposed to travel with in the bus) for our Berlin city tour.This was an approximately 3 hour walking tour where we got to learn about the city and its history, as well as visit the famous spots. What stuck with me was the marked bricks of where the Berlin wall used to stand, the Jews memorium, Brandenburg gate and for some reason Alexanderplatz – which is just a busy city square. There were other interesting places that we visited like Hitlers bunker site and Checkpoint Charlie. I really got to learn a lot about the WWII and having previously visited Auschwitz  I started to get a glimpse of the magnitude of the war.

For me, Berlin is very rich in culture with a mixture of modern architecture with some remnants of the strong fortified structure, which I imagine  were essential during the war. It was good day overall and I spent the afternoon shopping  for some souvenirs, lunching and finding our way back  to the hostel since the group split after the tour.

The evening was quite a surprise we walked into a pub and found that it was African night at the place. It was kind of weird I have to say, but I prefer not to go into the details. I met a Kenyan guy living in Berlin and we talked most of the night about his life there and  how I was finding Sweden. It was a great homely night with some familiar tunes in the background and the place was a walking distance from the hostel. I left there around 3 am. When I think about it now, It was a great day overall, I got to experience the a day in Berlin! and with a friend.

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Woke up around 8 am to get ready to start the journey back. I honestly don’t remember a lot about the hostel or breakfast meaning it was quite basic – probably. We started the journey around 9.30 am. I would say the highlight of the journey back was crossing the ferry to Denmark from Germany with our train. Like the train was literally loaded onto the ferry , how cool is that?  It was at least for a Kenyan girl like me! Oh and everybody was carrying a crazy load of alcohol because when it came to booze Germany prices were very friendly.

The original cost of this 3 day 2 night trip to and fro Lund, Sweden was 180 Euros I think, but I ended up spending much more for missing the bus.


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