Stockholm impressions

Well,I think this is long overdue. Today I try and re-live my trips to Stockholm. I studied in Sweden for 2 years and as such managed several trips to Stockholm both for business and pleasure.

I can vividly recall my first self-organized trip to Stockholm. I had been there before for a conference but was in an out-of-city location and just saw the city in passing. Now, I had an appointment at 9 am in the morning and as such traveled to the city the night before. I was studying in a university around 500 kms south of Stockholm. To be cautious I decide to travel the night before and sleep in a city hostel and just take a bus to the appointment venue.whatsapp-image-2017-01-20-at-10-16-34-am-2

I was pretty nervous since this was my first trip there but thanks to good planning and google maps it was quite an easy trip that I think I managed quite well. This was a  one night two day trip so I was really crunched on time plus it was a business trip so I didn’t book any tours or touristic activities. After checking into the hostel, I took a walk around the city and also visited a park near the hostel and confirmed the bus route I would be using for my appointment.

My first impression of Stockholm was – this was the ideal city. Coming from a kinda populous city I felt it had just the right amount of commotion and chaos. Just the right number of people and cars on the streets. I didn’t feel over burdened or as pressured as I had expected. I managed to maneuver my locations quite easily. The park was quite and relaxed not so many people, but I guess being a weekday in the city this could be expected.


On my  third trip however which was a mixture of business and pleasure with friends, I got a chance to really enjoy the city. We went out to a pub for dinner and drinks and later went to visit the palace and did an Stockholm old town tour. The Stockholm old town should definitely be on your list of places to visit if you ever find ourself in Stockholm. It was a good day (in terms of weather) for Sweden  and we took long walks around the narrow streets, enjoyed a knights match across the town and typically fikad ‘had coffee’. Oh did I mention we visited the Nobel Museum and got to learn about the laureates, I was particularly interested in professor Wangari Maathai, being the first Africn woman to receive the award. To learn about the competitive process of how the laureates are chosen. On display they also had some artifacts from different winners. This  was quite a treat especially because I was just from attending an event at the Blue Hall in Stockholm city where the Nobel banquet is usually held.

On another different more of a leisure trip, I did the usual walking around the city and visited the Vasa Museum. This is definitely a must see. Its a preserved ship from the 17th century that sank on her first trip or if you like to be fancy,its maiden voyage. Quite a bitter sweet story really.


I always believe in leaving something to do for next time whenever you visit a city. Stockholm is intertwined with numerous canals and a boat tour should definitely be on the to do list, even for me.


PS: After visiting H&M I soon discovered why I though the streets had just the right amount of people:) The queues there were massive for a clothes store, especially to get into the changing room.Good luck shopping there!

Amateur photos on Sony Xperia Z2


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