Belgium Adventures >>> Ostend

This is going to be a short one I hope.

Well I got to see a bit more of Belgium than I had expected but it was full of the good parts. My trip to Ostend included a day at  a sandy beach and a visit to a ‘historical’ site. I also got to see the Flemish side of Belgium and some very beautiful homes.

We went to visit Diane’s sister who also lives in Belgium and we were there for the weekend. The hosts were beyond amazing! They made this delicious snack from East Africa which is also made in some parts of East Asia known as Samosa. I had not had samosas for a while so I was beyond excited when they were served as starters. Yes we had a fancy 3 course home- made meal including wine. Being that they had never met me before I was so humbled that went all out to make me feel comfortable and happy. All this and they had two young babies, wow! I have to say I learned a lot from this visit about hosting guests. You are either all in or just don’t do it!

We got there on a Friday evening and didn’t do much other than enjoy the meal. On Saturday we went out to the beach bordering the North Sea. It was called Blankenberge if I remember correctly. It was busy outdoors with a lot of people on the streets. It almost had a carnival feeling with the vendors outside and the huge crowd outside. we had waffles and ice cream of course and spent all day strolling and having fun. This has to be one of the best days for me in Belgium. The company, weather and mood all came together to make for a splendid day.

On Sunday, they took me out for sight seeing. This was mostly the ‘high and mighty’ side of Belgium. Mainly Flemish with a lot of holiday homes. Street after street it looked like one of those places from a suburban movie street- like a modern day Wisteria lane. In the middle of all the fancy lay  an beautiful country home 3 story or so. It was a hotel I was told and some many years back the one and only Albert Einstein spent some nights working his genius in there. The trip was indeed epic! Fun and serious – my kind of a good time

Next Adventures : Last stop in Belgium >>>> Antwerp


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